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The Problem with Disposable Content

Snapchat, TikTok, Insta reels... content that's easy to consume, easy to access and... easy to forget 😕

This type of content (temporary or disposable) is excellent for vanity metrics*, getting quick results, increasing content volume and boosting brand loyalty. 🥳

However, creating content does require a clear long term strategy, or else you can get lost in the enormous stream of daily content.

👉 Besides focusing on easy digestible content and vanity stats, make sure your business has an Integrated Marketing Strategy to lead generation and convert lasting customer relationships beyond Social Media and/or to add to your Social Media efforts.

🤫 Did you know an Online Marketing Strategy has 8 key components? Social Media is one of them. Want to know what the other 7 are? Read more about this in my next blog post next week. Need help with your marketing strategy?

Check out what Sana can do for your Small Business. *) Vanity metrics = are statistics that look spectacular on the surface but don't necessarily translate to any meaningful business results. Examples include the number of social media followers or the number of views on a promotional video.


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