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An Online Marketing Strategy: more than Social Media Management

Does your business have an Online Marketing Strategy? An online marketing strategy is essential to get the most out of your marketing budget. It goes well beyond having a Facebook and Instagram page and posting on a daily basis. (Although you should be doing that too! :-) Curious to see what's involved when SANA manages your online marketing strategy? There are eight foundational components that every event Online Marketing Strategy needs: 1. An UX optimised Website that makes your website usable, enjoyable and accessible. 2. Management - let's makes those ideas happen - who does what and by when? 3. Offline integration - this is especially important for local businesses: how to link online marketing to offline marketing efforts like PR, local media, ads, business cards, t-shirts, banners, billboards, newspapers, magazines, flyers, radio advertising, car wraps, sponsorships... 4. Social Media: where are your customers on social media and what is your USP / key message? 5. Traffic building and monitoring: keeping on top of website performance and visits, stability and overall user experience. Also check if your traffic is direct, referral and/or search. 6. Client conversation analysis: are potential costumers taking the specific desired action you want them to take? 7. SEO - keywords, GMB, fresh content, fast loading speed, mobile optimisation... 8. Plan - need help planning? Contact @sanacreativemarketing today 🤍


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