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5 Tips on how to Manage your Marketing in the middle of a Pandemic

Anyone for unexpected changes? 😱 Marketing in the middle of a pandemic… Everyone’s priorities have shifted, and to make it worse everything keeps changes… 🤯 Being flexible and able to switch your strategies and processes have never been so important. Here are my 5 essential tips on how to navigate your marketing though the pandemic landscape:

👉1. Focus on your existing customers first. In times of crisis, people turn inward, to what they know, their friends, family, trusted brands. Provide genuine support and care. Create the community and togetherness people are craving now more than ever. A heartfelt personal video massage or email can go a long way. Cold hard sales on the other hand…

👉2. Optimise your online presence and double down on engagement efforts (social included). When your store doors are closed (again), make sure your e-commerce is running like a well-oiled machine. Online groceries, Zoom Yoga, Uber eats, Virtual DJ House Parties... it really has become the new normal. You are either in it to win it, or…

👉3. Adapt your communication messages to align with the new market status. Spend some serious time on your overall online content. Provide relevant information (and say hello to organic traffic while you are at it). Update your storefront or homepage, quickly answer questions and proactively create content that addresses (pandemic related) concerns.

👉4. Personalised shopping experience. The influx of online information has made the online shopper less responsive (delete, mute, unfollow, scroll by...). On top of the overload of information, the "pandemic minded consumer" is likely going to be ever so more suspicious of marketing communications. One size doesn't fit all. Make your marketing, communication, and shopping process personal and uniquely tailored to your customer's specific needs.

👉5. Don't stop your marketing. Be mindful to stay front of mind. As soon as quarantine lifts and lockdown restrictions ease, consumers will be instantly back in the market. It’s critical to keep your marketing going now, so your customers know where to find you.

Image: Online Yoga - the new normal in 2021.


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